Sale on Now! All 1 or 2 piece Gun stocks only $75.00 on in stock patterns. Pay no extra royalty fee’s
* does not include special order patterns or Lost Camo.
Add 10% for royalty patterns, and special order patterns.
Add $25.00 for special order patterns.
Dealers and manufacturers please contact us for pricing.
Firearms and Accessories
Notice we do not carry an FFL, to ship a complete gun you must ship to an FFL for transfer. Please notify us ahead of time and for FFL info.
Rifle, Single Barrel Shotguns, Muzzleloaders -$160
Barrel and Receiver $110
Over Under Shotgun $180
Stock 1 or 2 piece $90
Receiver only $75.00
Sporting Rifle – AR-15, Mak 90 – Complete $225
Scopes – Must be waterproof – At owners own Risk $70
Handguns $100
Scope Rings $25
Other small accessories $25
Automotive / ATV / Snowmobile
Automotive Dash Kits Starting at $75 (1 piece 12×16)
Automotive Mirrors $100 PR
ATV Fenders – Front, Rear, Tank Starting at $350
Snowmobile Hood $300
ATV Rims $75ea. Automotive Rims $125 ea.
ATV Bumpers $125 Automotive bumpers $300
Hunting Equipment
Tree Stand 1 Piece (2 piece add 50%) $90.00
Game Calls & Comparable size accessories $20
Deer Cameras $40

Taxidermy Related
European Deer Skull – Already Cleaned $70
European Deer Skull- Beetle Cleaned (Add $20 for Wood Plaque) $110
Camo European Plaque (built by us) $50
Horn Mount Plaque (built by us) $25
Camo Antlers 120″-150″ class sheds or on skull $50
Camo Turkey Fan mounts (made by us) $45
Archery Equipment
Bow Riser and Limbs $110
Bow Riser, Limbs, Cams and 2 accessories $160
Limbs $50
Riser $70
Cams $50
Quiver Hoods $20
Sights $20
Rests $20
Stablizer Starting at $20.00
Other Items
Hard Hats $40.00
Golf Clubs – Woods $10.00 each – Irons $8.00 Each
Video Camera Sun Shade – Large $25 Small $20
Camera Arms & Tripods $50
Laptop – (must be dissassembled) $50
Cell Phone Covers $20
Fishing Rods $10 Per foot
Fishing Reels $20

Satisfaction Guaranteed – If you don’t like the pattern you choose, we will redo your item for a minimal charge.
Limited Lifetime Warranty On Workmanship and Materials.

Don’t see a price for your item?
Email us with pictures and we will get you a price usually within 12-24 hours.

Product Manufacturers
Borreson Outdoors is able to handle all your production needs. From small to large runs, as well as samples, and prototypes.
We are competitively priced, as well as offer top notch service.
You never pay for a part your not happy with. Our work is guaranteed.
What Sets us apart?
Lowest sample rates in the industry
Fast turnaround
Largest pattern selection available
No hidden costs, setup charges or Jig fee’s
Satisfaction guaranteed workmanship
Industry standard processes and materials used
Are you looking to have a product decorated? Pick up the phone and give us a call.   We would be happy to work with you!